Acerinox Tube 2014

Design and construction of stands in Dusseldorf. Blancoestudio has designed and coordinated the manufacture, design and assembly of stands of Acerinox company in Dusseldorf. A work of stand assembly in Europe requires to have good knowledge and efficient technical supervision before, during and after assembly of the stand. Blancoestudio has the technical capability and necessary experience to coordinate such work in the international area, with the best partners and carpenters engaged in their work, lovers their jobs and responsible in all their manufacturing process make the production of any work both national and international be a success. We thank Acerinox confidence in us and know that satisfaction of our clients, is the same feeling in us and it makes each day have more strength to continue doing our job well, thank you!!

Acerinox_Tube_&_Wire_2014      Acerinox_Interior_Tube_&_Wire_2014